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People support Amaravati as the only capital of AP, along with integrated development of all regions

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Why Amaravati

Amaravati is a people’s capital right from inception. Amaravati is one of the modern capital cities constructed in India with a vision to be built as a futuristic capital for decentralised governance of Andhra Pradesh. Envisioned with an aim to create a prosperous and happy NavyaAndhra, Amaravati is the only people’s capital the state needs. The capital is a centrally located, resource-rich and self-reliant city and the capital of heaven itself.

With Amaravati as the engine of growth, AP’s development is rooted in a futuristic model of decentralised development. Amaravati forms the nerve centre of the development coupled with three megacities and fourteen smart cities of AP will leap-frog the state into the leading state of our country.

Located on the banks of Krishna river, the roots of the capital lie in ancient Indian history. For long Amaravati has been the abode of gods, from Shiva to Lord Buddha the region has been the land of new beginnings and auspicious events. It is only fitting that the people of AP deserve a capital that represents our rich cultural and spiritual heritage and is the seat of our gods themselves.

Coupled with the innovative land pooling scheme wherein 26,839 farmers joined hands by sacrificing their karmabhoomi, Amaravathi is much ahead of its times and remains to be one of the most self-reliant cities till date. A capital city planned with a projected population of 3.5 million and 1.5 million job creation, will be the engine of decentralised development and accelerated growth of Andhra Pradesh. Amaravati will be a futuristic model city for not only India, but also the world.

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